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Transfer machines
Our project designed for your production

More than 30 years of experience

We use the best technologies to always offer you state-of-the-art machines. We offer you the best solutions according to your budget and your business needs, at the best value for money.

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The partner you need

More than transfer machine manufacturers. We have been specializing in total and partial transfer machines overhauling for years now. Collaborating with us means choosing the suitable solution for your company, optimizing the production with our machinery:


Transfer ZD - OMFS

From the original drawing to its realization, using the more recent technologies and materials from the best brands, ZD-OMFS transfers allow you to reach your productions goals.

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Transfer overhauling

Partially or completely overhauled transfer machines, according to your needs

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Used transfer

Transfer machines, machines tool and furnaces in excellent conditions and ready for delivery

Used transfer
Used machines tools
Used furnaces

View of the large warehouse of spare parts for transfers and machine tools of ZD Zobbio

Spare parts

Do you need a spare part for your transfer machine?we have a storehouse of spare parts for new and old transfer machines

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Service and warranty

We will always be by your side, also after the machine has been delivered to your company, no matter where your company is located. Our technicians will offer you the assistance and the help you need, using remote connection or at your premises. Discover all our post-sales services.

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Training and installation
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After-sales assistance
Transfer tooling
Technical drawing of a transfer machine designed by ZD Zobbio


The first step of any new project starts in our technical dep. Our technicians use modern tools and devices to design your transfer machine. During this phase the dialogue with the costumer is constant: only in this way the final result will meet your production requirements.

Qualified technicians of ZD Zobbio carry out a project for a customized Transfer Machine
Definition phase of the characteristics of a ZD Zobbio OMFS transfer machine

Last overhauled transfer machines

Some of ZD ZOBBIO overhauling activities, modern technologies, better performances.

High Quality used machines

We overhaul the most famouse and prestigious brands of transfer machines. * the productor names of the machines herein and the brands themselves are of the respective companies property.