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ZD was born in 1984 in the centre of Brescia's industry. In these 38 years of experience, commitment and efforts we saw our work changing year after year. We have developed our activity from transfer machines sellers to overhaulers and constructors.

ZD began as a father-son company, working together at home. They faced the first difficulties, the risk of important investments but also the first costumers and their trust. Today our activity has hugely developed and we can offer to our costumers all over the world a great service for their production needs.

Ready to be completely or partially overhauled, we own transfer machines of the best Italian brands. We look at the future, one machine after the other, without forgetting where we have started, which is what makes us what we are now. #zdzobbio

Together with our partner ZB UTENSILERIE MECCANICHE we make a great team, because we can offer you a transfer machine complete already equipped to work all your parts.

Our sister company FARMBRASS is leader in the metal heating industry.
Thanks to induction or gas technology, FARM BRASS furnaces are completely automatic and they have great efficiency.
Farm Brass offers costumized solutions for heating and heat treatment.

Mechanical design

In these last years we have invested a lot in our design department. With some of the most modern tools and with highly trained personnel we know we can be competitive in the modern market which requires always better precision, innovation and performances.

Our Team

We are a young, flexible and dynamic team and we work at our best every day. We work with commitment, ambition and competence..

Where we are

You can find our company in Castegnato, near the Ospitaletto highway exit. The productive department is 2.000 mq with 300 mq of commercial and technical offices and a new storehouse of 3.000 mq.