ZD Zobbio Macchine Utensili SRL

The company has been dealing with new and used transfer machines and mechanical equipment for over 30 years. we supply vertical and horizontal transfer machines, with a different number of units, suitable for processing: fittings, valves, taps and fittings, spare parts for automotive, mechanical processes in general.


ZD ZOBBIO MACCHINE UTENSILI SRL sells used and overhauled transfer machines of the main Italian brands, such as Gnutti, BTB, Buffoli, Riello, Picchi and Gozio.

Since 2010 we have bought out OMFS company and we started to overhaul and produce new transfer machines with our own brand. Thanks to our sister company ZB UTENSILERIE MECCANICHE we are able to provide fully equipped machinery, ready for processing any part required by the Client. Machines can be supplied with a various number of units and suitable for processing brass, aluminium and steel for fittings, faucets, spare parts for automotive and mechanical sectors.

Machines are also equipped with drilling and threading units, which can be fixed or tilted according to each process requirements. The used transfer machines may also be supplied as they are, checked or completely overhauled “as new”, in compliance with EC Directives. Our constantly trained technicians are adept at providing professional expertise in installing and checking transfer machines in any part of the world, giving also effective training to the customers. We are also able to provide automatic gas furnaces for metal heating treatment with our sister Company Farm new brass, based in Turin, Italy.



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