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used transfer machines

We have been selling used transfer machines for over 30 years now; thanks to our experience we can offer you the perfect machine for your productive needs, improving your working and quantity production times.

We deal with different types of machines: horizontal or vertical axis table, with two or three working axis, transfer machine with hydraulic, hydropneumatic or CN technology. In our storehouse you can find transfer machines of the best italian brands, manufactured between Nineties and current years.

Our qualified and internally trained personnel will help you choosing the best machine for your production and we will install it in your company.

Would you like to modify your transfer machine?
Turn it into a transfer with CN technology or just check and renovate its mechanical components? Discover our overhauled transfer machines.

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Used machine tools you can buy with your transfer machine

Thanks to our experience in the field, we were able to choose for you some of the best machine tools you can buy together with your transfer machine. Discover our special occasions.

The advantages of choosing a used transfer machine

Our commitment and our goal is to buy and sell only transfer machines able to guarantee high level performances and working precision.

Machines to automatically move the piece are instruments of great importance for the mechanical field, since they are able to carry out complex functions with high efficiency, combining different operations in one operative solution.

Thanks to the industrial automation you will be able to optimize the production line, improving the production and repeatability times and volumes, reducing the time and resources waste.

We buy used transfer machines

Would you like to sell or replace your used transfer machine? Write us and we will evaluate the chance to buy your old transfer machine

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